Directorate of Alumni Relations Welcomes Mr. Abhinav Das

Mr. Abhinav Das, who is working in the cybersecurity domain at Hyderabad delivered a talk on “’Hacked: The World Undone”. Mr. Das is the Alumni of MUJ. He is a Google Hall of Famer. A Da Vinci at cybersecurity, he has been a member of an organization such as PPP, Shellphis, CDC, CCC, Anonymous, milw0rm, and Lulzsec to name a few. He has traveled and spoken all over the world including venues such as Oxford University.
he made good use of these opportunities and chances and made it to the pinnacle of cyber world.
We feel proud on Mr. Das for being a part of MUJ Alumni. We also thankful to Dr. Mahesh jangid and his IEEE student Branch for supporting Directorate of Alumni by conducting such activity.

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