President’s Message

President’s Message

Sancheti FinalAlumni are torch bearers and brand ambassadors for any institution forever. They are also one of the key stakeholders andtheirsupport & involvement is always important for the overall development of any University. It is a natural cycle that students join and graduate in a University system. The new bonding developed during educational process needs to be nurtured & strengthened with passage of time making them life long, filled with lots of sweet memories and nostalgia.

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) believes in the philosophy of being connected forever with students and takes pride in networking with its Alumni. The MUJ Alumni website can be one such platform which provides a medium of staying connected together. It is meant for providing information about the latest developments and happenings in MUJ from time to time as well as seeking updated information from the Alumni. The website will feature an annual ‘MUJ Alumni e-zine’ and a ‘Blog’ where the Alumni can contribute by submitting articles, reviews, stories etc. apart from many more functionalities to keep them engaged.

The motto of MUJ Alumni Cell is “Connect – Revive – Engage”(CoRE). Therefore, I believe that MUJ Alumni Cell will strengthen the valuable bonds between itsAlumni and the University by cultivating links with them and engaging them in value addedprogrammes and activities.

It gives me immense pleasure in conveying my heartiest greetings to entire Manipal University Jaipur family on launch of official website of the ‘MUJ Alumni Cell’.

I wish the entire team of Alumni Cell all the success in their endeavours.

President Sign
Prof. Sandeep Sancheti

Manipal University Jaipur.